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'zX - Hyperblast' is a melee focused, free-roaming adventure shmup. Pilot your small, but formidable craft through swarms of foul monstrosities and cybernetic juggernauts, carving a path of destruction through the games cavernous levels. Master your ship’s flexible, dual-type hybrid gun system and make short work of your enemies. Turn the intimidating maelstrom of enemy bullets to your advantage by deflecting them back to your foes with the ships powerful twin-blade attack, simultaneously fueling your insanely powerful hyper-blaster.


Development of 'zX' on began in October 2011. Initially concieved as a simple beginners project, 'zX' has since expanded into a somewhat larger and more polished commercial endeavour.


  • Hand-crafted retro-futuristic aethetics
  • Bullet-deflecting blades eliminate the need for dodging, providing more reward for aggressive play
  • Flexible primary / secondary hybrid gun system features 12 distinct projectile types
  • Hub based level progression. Completed levels can be accessed at will
  • Satisfying destruction and bullet-hell euphoria


Gameplay Video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "MakeGamesSA showcase rAge 2013" Johannesburg, October 2013
  • "Demo showcase A MAZE 2013" Berlin, 24 April 2013

Selected Articles

  • "It’s a tough little game, but my word, is it ever fun, and so very well presented."
    - Chris Priestman, IndieStatik
  • "I feel that the game's focus on melee combat differentiates it from many shmups - you really need to master the blade attacks to get anywhere in zX. This feature and the combination of awesome soundtrack and glowy neon visuals totally won me over."
    - J. Monkman, Retro Gamer CD
  • "This is an intense and satisfying game which should fulfill your need for an arcade shooter."
    - John P. Martin, Indie Retro News
  • "retroFuture's zX is not like most shmups. Instead of encouraging passive play or requiring the player to dodge a ton of bullets, players should dive straight into the line of fire to reflect enemy shots and power up their hyper gun."
    - John Polson, Indiegames.com

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About retroFuture

Retro-futuristic game design and aesthetics. The essence of the old with the technique of the new.

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zX - Hyperblast Credits

Michael de Jager
Lead designer, Art, SFX, Music, Programming

Julian Pritchard
Design, Programming, Business & PR

Nick Williams
SFX and Music: Freelance

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